Pastor John Pope Jr.

First Lady Minister Gloria Pope

Reverend Leroy Sennette

Associate Minister

Reverend Donald Rose
Associate Minister


Minister Ninette Thompson
Associate Minister

Minister Michelle Blaylock

Associate Minister

About Galilee Missionary

Our Mission:
To demonstrate authentic Godly love to people by introducing them to Jesus Christ who first loved us causing them by the power of the Holy Spirit to transform others by the love they have experienced in the Lord.​


Our Vision:
To become a viable, valuable and visible ministry in the community by connecting people to God, Connecting people to one another and connecting ourselves in ministry to people who are lost, hurting and broken.


Our Motto:
We are a loving, friendly and warm Bible based church that seeks to transform the lives of the disadvantaged, the disenchanted, and the distressed by the power of the Holy Spirit, and lead people to their divine designations in Christ Jesus.  We are a Christ-centered church that is determined to preach the unadulterated Word of God, designed to reach the unsaved and to develop the believer.  Galilee is a church where the heart can be affected, head aroused and hands assigned and ambitious to the will of God.  We are a Bible believing, Holy Spirit led ministry that loves God, His people and models His love to the world.  We declare that God is our Father, Jesus Christ is our Redeemer and the Holy Spirit is our Comforter and Man/Woman is our Brother and Sister! We know that together we build so we promote the ministries of Galilee and the soul-saving message of Jesus Christ; we pray for our ministries and we participate in our ministries for together the people have a mind to work! Building the Kingdom, Building Families, Building the People!!

Charles & Chris Weedon
Deacon & Deaconess

Sam & Linda Modkins
Deacon & Deaconess

Charles & Monica Wilson
Deacon &  Deaconness

William & Robbie

Deacon &  Deaconness

Morie Todd

Luther P.  Cole
Deacon Emeritus