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The the doors of our Church are open!  In order to protect everyone, we have closely monitored the CDC Guidelines and have instituted serveral protective measures.


>  Ushers are doing temperature checks and providing hand

     sanitizer to everyone prior to entering the Sanctuary.

>  All People entering the Church are required to wear     

    masks while in the building. 

>  Every other pew has been roped off and only three   

    people are allowed to sit on a pew in order to maintain

    social distancing 6ft apart.  Members  of the same   

    household can sit together on the same pew. 

>  Over flow areas have been established once maximum

    capacity have been reached in the Sancutary.

 We are not gathering for hug time or large gathering

     around the altar for prayer.

 Offering and Communion procedures have changed to 

     limit personal contact.

>   Once services are complete, our Ushers dismiss the

     members by row.   We ask that everyone not congregate

     in the hallways after service.

>  The Sanctuary receives a deep cleaning after each service

    using professional grade sanitizing products. 

Even with this information, it is understood that some people may not feel comfortable coming to church yet.  If you fall into this category, we are streaming some modifications of our Galilee Missionary Baptist Church activities.

Join us on our Facebook page, Galilee Missionary Baptist, for our 10am Sunday morning worship  and our Wednesday night Bible Study at 6:15pm. 

Post-service recordings are placed on YouTube at GalileeSATX-YOUTUBE.  Our services are also recorded and broadcast 24/7 over the Gospel America Network (  find Galilee under "The Worship Hour".  Weekly sermons will also be broadcast on Thursday evenings at 7:30pm and 10am on Sunday mornings on the local San Angelo radio station 100.5 FM.  

We pray that the Lord will give you peace to come out and Worship after reading about our safety measures to provide you with a safe Worship environment.  If you have any questions, please contact the church office (325) 655-1328

or email us at


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